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020 8599 0040
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Referred Patient Information

Payment Options

The Chadwell Heath Dental Clinic offers treatment to referral patients on the NHS or a private basis.

Of course, all treatment for children and young adults less than 18 years of age (or 18 years and in full time education) is exempt from NHS charges unless the patients request private treatment.

Adults who are exempt will be treated on the NHS. This applies for dental conservation, extraction of teeth and IV sedation (including extraction of wisdom teeth).

Patients who are not exempt from NHS dental charges will be offered treatment for general dental conservation on the NHS or on a private basis.

All NHS paying patient’s must have the required FP17RN form from their referring dentist otherwise any treatment will be done independent of the NHS.


Patients under 18 years old free (For all dental conservation and extractions)

Exempt patients

All dental treatment is free (including sedation).

For non-exempt Patients

For general dental conservation the normal NHS fees apply (including sedation).

Extractions for non-exempt Patients

Consultationfrom £35.00
Panoral x-rayfrom £35.00
Simple extractions (not wisdom teeth)from £50.00
Surgical extraction£70.00 - £120.00
IV. Sedationfrom £90.00
Maximum fee for 4 wisdom teeth including sedation£650.00
Private fees for conservation
Single surface amalgam£40.00
Multiple surface amalgamfrom £45.00
White fillingsfrom £60.00
Sedationfrom £90.00
Crown and Bridgeworkto be advised at consultation.
Anteriorsfrom £200.00
Premolarsfrom £250.00
IV Sedationfrom £90.00

For extensive dentistry see information on our Low Cost Payment Plans (Subject to credit checks).

Please note: prices are subject to change.